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Καρυώτης Γεώργιος, Περιφερειακός δντης ασφαλιστική εταιρίας Ευρωπαϊκής πίστης

… our cooperation with this copmany was excellent, the process was completed as agreed from the beginning and its representative Mr. Anastasiadis Ioannis was and continues to be an excellent partner with a positive attitude to any issue that has arisen since 2008 onwards.

Ζακώνης Γεώργιος, Επιχειρηματίας καταστημάτων υγειονομικού ενδιαφέροντος

.. We recommend to everyone concerned the cooperation with Mr. Anastasiades, he governs consistency and continuity, organization, perception in construction, strictness of control, deep knowledge of materials, human resource management and honesty

Miltiadis KATSAROS

… Both buildings were designed according to sustainable design principles and although were constructed before the implementation of energy efficiency regulations (EU31/2010), they presented a low energy performance due to innovations in the design and construction of their envelope (e.g. double skin type of shell, low-e glass curtain walls, shadings for natural lighting regulation, etc.).
Mr. Anastasiadis, besides Owner and Developer of the project, he was the project manager for the construction of the buildings. He directed personally dozens of subcontractors with a great efficiency and succeeded in implementing a high quality and on budget end-result of two projects with high expectations regarding its architectural / design and engineering requirements.
Mr. Anastiasiadis was a kind, fair and just Employer for all, with a concrete work-ethic attitude for doing what is right for the purpose of the work, and at the same time a truly visionary entrepreneur of a ‘Virtuvian type’, as both buildings were unique, concerning the technological advancements they brought in the construction habits of the City of Xanthi.
It is my privilege to say that following these two projects, me and Ioannis became not only friends but also partners in many other projects and works in Greece and abroad, as Ioannis’s sharp ability and analytical thought, especially in financial and managerial issues is always a reliable and trustworthy source of advice and right consulting.

Miltiadis KATSAROS
Architect Eng. NTUA, M.Arch & U.Des., Univ. of Pennsylvania,
Ast. Professor, Department of Technology & Innovation in Architectural Design,
School of Architecture, NTUA.